Computing On The Edge - 202339

Making and Breaking of Real Applications

You might think that what makes an application last is the idea behind it.

To a certain measure, it is that - after the application is actually out, and it stands the chance for a while.

But there is more to it. As someone who builds systems, I've been constantly exposed to requests of people, sometimes very close to me and whatnot, who have good ideas.

Just because the idea is good it is not going to succeed without a good plan attached to it.

We're humans consumed by hybris, and most of the times we overvalue our ideas. We are so smart and blinded by success that it cannot be that it won't work.

Eventually it will, until... it does not.

Also sometime what happens is that very good ideas are not followed though. Wildly good plans and ideas left on one drawer, and after a decade you realize someone implemented it: it could have been you.

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