Computing On The Edge - 202338

It Is Not About The Style

Whatever you do for a living, how you do it it's probably not as important as why you do it.

What you care for, where you want to be in the future, who you consider your peers in the journey towards your desired destination is important to know.

It is not as important how you get there, but still it has some value.

I can have some fixation with data privacy, not because I am a lawyer, nor because it's cool: it's really not in these days.

People loves to display fancy fonts downloaded at runtime from a third party server. Myself, I am fine with whatever your browser will show you when you tell it to use Helvetica.

I am fine, but I do not look cool. The standard seems to be serving static content off some extraneous CDN and subject readers to all sort of telemetry: this is considered cool today.

You can tell that you care in so many different ways, but the easiest one remains to actually do something instead: drop that useless font, scrap that foreign script, focus on the message, discard the aesthetic.

Books survived up to this day from the middle ages: some fancy inaccessible single page's content won't even see the end of this decade.

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