The Weekly Dev - 202317

In Perspective

Do we live exciting times ? We do.

In the early ninety hundreds, the aeroplane was invented. The car spread out, the television entered every home, the telephone spread out like something you cannot miss.

Everyone had - at least in theory - the possibility to touch what is happening in the world, real time.

End of the century: internet, the email breaks in, again in every home, ability to interact and exchange ideas, knowledge and research on a global scale.

Instant, real time interaction with remote peers: a massive accomplishment for the benefit of (potentially) everyone.

Enter the new century, and nearly a quarter into it, all we have is: better spam, better censorship, wide-spread attention disorder, people unable to discern social media from the internet itself, better chatbots.

Data Intensive Applications

Exploring the use of Java Virtual Threads, discussing how they can improve the performance and scalability of data-intensive applications. An in-depth explanation of virtual threads and their benefits: The Ultimate Guide to Java Virtual Threads

IOT and Industry

Think how IoT devices generate large amounts of data, and how companies can use this data to make informed decisions and improve their operations. The role of Machine Learning in analyzing and making sense of this data: Beyond Buzzwords: How IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning are Transforming Business

Boring Security

The article focuses on GPG, a tool used for secure communication and data transfer. The article provides a detailed guide on how security researchers can use GPG to encrypt and sign their communications, and how they can use GPG to verify the authenticity of messages they receive: How to use GPG as a security researcher

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