The Weekly Dev - 202312

The Command Line Economy

Commandline tools seem to scale better to me than full-fledged, sometimes complex GUIs. You can wrap commandlines in your own scripts, give them new semantics, make APIs out of them and repurpose them for use cases that were not in the mind of the implementer.

You can batch a number of action into a single command.

You cannot do that with a GUI. A GUI is a GUI, what it is it's all you have, you cannot repurpose them, you can hardly remote them, and they present a lot more challenges.

More than that, they take time, they take effort, and once they are out, good or bad they stick.

If you want to change them, it's an issue, because not everyone will like it, and a mere additional feature might bring trouble to the existing ones because of the way it shows on the user desktop.

GUI have all my respect, and still, I'd avoid them if there's not a real need.

The Way To Go

A Comprehensive Guide to Structured Logging in Go


Api and Tooling

Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for data formats such as CSV, TSV, JSON, JSON Lines, and positionally-indexed.


Keycloak and Authorization Code Flow


Using HAProxy as an API Gateway


Distributed Systems

MQTT vs Kafka


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