The Weekly Dev - 202305

The Data Conundrum

How much data do you need to succeed ?

How much data can you afford to process ?

How much is too much ?

The present is shaped by a few information black holes swallowing the entire universe, and each and everyone else trying to catch up with that reality.

You might act like a compulsive hoarder, but in the end it is worth nothing if you can't make sense out of the data.

If you are not able to see patterns, you are just sinking in the swamp, harming the privacy of your users with stupid analytics that tells you everything about the behavior of ... the bots that visit your website.

Data Architectures

React Data Survival Kit


Dependency Injection Demystified


APIs Development

The Glory of REST: Is It Really That Glorious?


Entrepreneurship for Engineers: Avoiding Feature Bloat


Computing For The People

Generate PDFs using LaTeX templates and JSON


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