The Weekly Dev - 202242

The Centralization of the Internet

I hear a lot of talking about weird decentralized crypto stuff, but how much more about Cloud.

But also: wasn't the internet itself all about resiliency and decentralization?

More than a decade ago Cloud became a buzzword, and people (developers) knew it was something that deserved attention, because money would be there.

Back then, it wasn't exactly clear that Cloud means: "take all your customer's data, send them as gift to one of the three market oligopolies, and pay crazy fees for egress whenever you need them back".

What has been happening is that actually what Cloud Computing actually means now is simply a huge centralization of the internet.

When AWS goes down, a swat of sites will go down too.

When Azure has outages, a huge number of sites will disappear from the face of the internet.

When Google has legal troubles, you might have them too...

I am not exactly sure what happens when Facebook goes down, but at least, a lot of people seems to notice that too...

API development

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Distributed Systems

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