The Weekly Dev - 202238

Distributed Computing, the funky way

The raise of Sea Monsters carrying giant parallelepiped loads on the back of a whale has taken away from us the creativity to invent new things.

"Cattle, not pets" it's the mantra, but still I see way too many animals camping around... all I want is just a damn good application that appeals, at any scale.

If I need to package an application so that it can be easily deployed, so be it! It should not be too strange a requirement, whether it needs to be deployed in my basement or in a Cloudy Way (TM).

You want easy life, then go on and buy the Kool Aid, if I want to be able to balance the load... I learn a load balancer.

You want to invoke zip-file packaged methods compiled in classes targeted by infinitely scalable API gateway: I'm ok to just have Rest webservices laying around.

You want to infinitely elastically expensively receive an asynchronous message: maybe I am ok to just learn and use ActiveMQ.

Maybe the age starts to play a role, but I start to be concerned when it becomes impossible to name things instead of brands, a bit like it is for soaps and beauty products.

There are wonderful services and products around these days, it's just that all products will come to pass, but what is behind them should remain.

I don't want pink elastic automagically fancy services: I want to know what happens with my data, and if possible, I don't want to give it to third parties.

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