The Weekly Dev - 202237

The right way to build things

You might argue that, so far as you manage to build what you need, the process is not important.

Besides, the experience teaches that much of what takes us time in doing, needs to be enjoyable and meaningful.

Otherwise, the result will often end up showing the pains and unpleasantness of the process: you can't hide it.

And also: why hiding it in the first place?

There is so much to it in real life, and in the work of software development there is more: nothing is ever done, everything is part of an iterative process.

The aim is perfection, but the building material is sand: you need to like building things if you want to get anywhere.

Also, since there is so much to the process being part of the result, refrain from any ready-made all-comprehending solutions: you can use basic things and build your own tools all the way up to the great creations.

Out of the metaphor: you don't need Github, $giantballofframework or $somecrazyorchestrator to build something meant that lasts.

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