The Weekly Dev - 202235

The Future, written on a Single Page

You want your original content out, and that is good.

But please, stop serving websites that weigh many megabytes, when all you really need to convey to the user is some simple text.

I don't know how this all madness started, but 90% of actual single page applications around don't really have a need to be SPA after all.

If it's not a chat, a mail reader, a SCADA panel, a router or a microcontroller, I don't know why you would want a SPA to begin with.

Because it is cool? Really? How cool is it for the users to download megabytes of obfuscated, zipped, potentially unsecure code, instead of just the damn HTML?

How cool is it to make it slower to implement, distribute and debug all the features that you need out?

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