The Weekly Dev - 202234

Self Hosted Security

There is a lot of important knowledge about securing Unix machines that none seems to care about any more.

In this Cloud world, where every service just falls out of the sky straight into our arms, ready for consumption, we don't seem to need a lot of it anymore.

But maybe it's not really the case.

Someone in the remote castles of $bigcloudprovider must still know about how to implement firewalls, how to elastically scale message queues and databases.

The spells of Consul, Eventual Consistency, Gossip protocols and Load Balancing are relegated more and more in the rooms of those big providers, until the point they have sucked in the entire world.

By then, nothing will be left.

You will be only able to buy Scalable Services that the seller says it is secure, apart that you are not able to say whether it is for real.

Boring Security

Trivy has different scanners that look for different security issues, and different targets where it can find those issues.


The Comprehensive Guide To AppArmor


Getting ready for post-quantum security mayhem


Unix Culture

Things I wish everyone knew about Git


Strangers in Goland

How to write a load performance test CLI tool with Golang


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