The Weekly Dev - 202232

Newer Solutions for Old Problems

You gave up your (professional) life to Enterprisey software ecosystems. You live and breathe a certain language, library or $deity forbid - framework.

Then you wake up one day and discover there is some new language that can give you, for a smaller cost in time and effort, exactly what you formerly needed and have built yourself with great effort.

The temptation of the rewrite is strong, but you need to resist: it's not worth at this point.

But it's still a good teaching. Be humble, some parts of the future can (hopefully) be better one day.

Boring Security

How to keep a detailed audit trail of what’s being done on your Linux systems


Data-Intensive Applications

Partitioning for performance in a sharding database system


Why database design choices matter to developers


Scaling to 100k Users


Strangers in Goland

TLDR - a golang package to summarize a text automatically using lexrank algorithm


Let's Create a Simple Load Balancer With Go


[linux] [git] [golang] [security]