The Weekly Dev - 202219

Platonic Objects and Real Programming

It is nice to be able to model our code after the things we face in real life. It is nice and convenient until... it isn't any longer.

The wisdom should be somewhere in drawing the line between the fascination of code beauty (if any such thing) and the actual use case.

Do you code to reach some higher ideal, or because you need to get things done?

I bet we can relate to both cases.

What I find mostly frustrating is when you have to deal with someone else's misrepresented beauty ideal and what you need is to get actual things done.

It is difficult do put into words, but I guess if you have even the minimal experience... you know exactly what I am talking about.

Let us promote technology that actually helps to live better.

Cut the dependencies, avoid the bloat, don't force your peers to a specific environment. Nice things are nice if you have the freedom to chose them or to turn them down.

A command line is worth a thousand GUIs!

Imposing nice things it's still imposing, do enable freedom, instead.

Boring Security

DNS Tunneling: how DNS can be (ab)used by malicious actors




Machine Learning

Recommendation Systems - Not so discussed areas


Data-Intensive Systems

Performance and files full of code


Philosophy and Programming

What text books tell you about inheritance in OOP is wrong


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