The Weekly Dev - 202214

With great experience, it comes a lot of trouble.

In our industry it's easy to feel ahead of the curve, unless you're bound to death to some legacy project.

But still, it's not the latest javascript framework to buy your lunch, nor the shiny new buttons that you feature on a website: it is the ability to keep it running. Regardless of the load of users that want to connect all at the same time, the confidence that it will gently bend without breaking when you will meet the real threats out there.

You cannot afford leaking sensible data, that's where your real playground lies: between the use of open technologies that let you scale, but also confident ownership of your data.

API development

"Designing an intuitive, user-friendly RESTful API is a tough job. It might already be a massive task if it’s your first attempt. Planning for the lifecycle management of your API is likely to be an afterthought. But it’s possible anyway: in this post, I’d like to propose a no-nonsense approach to evolving your APIs, even if it was not planned."

Evolving your RESTful APIs, a step-by-step approach



"What is elliptic curve cryptography and how does it work? The technology keeps your iMessages encrypted but also powers Bitcoin and Ethereum and just about every major website you visit."

Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Beginners


Boring Security

"Ever since its creation, DNS has been known as one of the most critical internet services in existence. It’s the key component that allows your computer to show you content, right before your eyes. Email services, chat services and even social networks rely on DNS to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week resolving IP addresses into hostnames."

The Most Popular Types of DNS Attacks


Data-Intensive Systems

"Let’s first define an event as machine-readable data which is emitted by a device or service when something happens, for instance, a customer clicked in an app. Event streaming is then a brokering and transporting process of a single event or a small batch of events from a producer to a consumer. Event streaming platforms are receiving, transforming events on the fly (although this is optional), and then exposing events to the consumers. "

Tech Radar on Event Streaming Platforms


Fluffy Clouds

"With the increased adoption of Microservices, new complexities have emerged for enterprises due to a sheer rise in the number of services. Problems that had to be solved only once for a monolith - such as resiliency, security, compliance, load balancing, monitoring, and observability - now need to be handled for each service in a Microservices architecture."

The Art of Deploying a Service Mesh

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