The Weekly Dev - 202210

Of War and Peace

Contextual Artificial Intelligence is here, but it's still a long way to achieve General Artificial Stupidity.

In the wait, we need to fill in with some brand human one.

No machines harmed in the process.

Machine Learning

Some education about different Machine Learning types


Time Series

"The industrial revolution was a watershed period in human history. The shift from piecemeal, cottage-industry work to mechanized manufacturing transformed the way humans work. Since the 18th century, successive waves of innovation, such as the assembly line and the computer, continued to alter and change the nature of manufacturing..." Managing Time-Series Data in Industrial IoT


Boring Security

"Some time ago I was chatting with a friend about OSS supply chain security. During the conversation I mentioned that I'd prefer having my bank account compromised compared to my GitHub or PyPI accounts. Due to the sheer number of downloads urllib3 and other foundational packages receive per day, any compromise would we widespread and devastating. It's scary to think about! We've taken many precautions both individually and as a team to ensure this scenario is unlikely to occur. I hope that some of the knowledge I've gained along the way can help you secure your own packages as well as inspiring some adversarial security-minded thinking"

Seen in: Security for package maintainers


In a word: WTF is Cloud Native Data Security?


Horizontal scaling, for real

If we don't want Cloud providers to come and enslave us, before the raise of the robots will take over, we'd better learn something about building clustered applications that are resilient, survive network partitioning and advertise their availability to the network.

Science fiction ?

Meet: A Practical Guide to Consul


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