The Weekly Dev - 202205

Commandline Art

More often than not, we fall for programs that win us with a nice-looking GUI.

But maybe it's not the GUI that gives us what we need.

Here some reading tips for this week:

Create Vintage Videos Using FFmpeg in 4 Simple Steps

"My definition of an old-school movie is a movie with a low frame-rate (like 15 fps), lots of scratches and film-grain to give an aged look, and a sepia tint to it! Let’s see how we can achieve all of this using FFmpeg."



gwsocket is a simple, standalone, language-agnostic, RFC6455 compliant WebSocket Server, written in C.


Quick tips for linux screenshots from the shell

"As part of your workflow, you may need to take multiple screenshots quickly. There are several methods to do this within Linux, but the easiest and most efficient I’ve found is called import."


The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection

Very old post, still an interesting read.


The Default Router

"How Linksys’ most famous router, the WRT54G, tripped into legendary status because of an undocumented feature that slipped through during a merger. "


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