API development

Secure APIs for Industrial IOT projects

By 2025 there will be 75 billions of connected IOT devices.

e known for some time that IOT would be the next big thing, and you have now a solution that is ready to rock, or - at least - a well defined plan to be part of that.

Your device brings to the table decades of experience and is optimized for the use case.

Tough, it looks like the cloud providers are only there to frustrate your efforts and reap the benefits.

They promise simplicity, but are bound to make you mad with crazy pricing schemas: cheap to start, but they will eat up your lunch if you succeed and make profit out of your own data.

With the enchantment of Serverless, they will suck the blood out of you for the mere ability to read proper log files and understanding of simple metrics.

What you really want is to self-host, rent out the necessary resources, but retain control:

  • over your application
  • over your data
  • over your customer-base

It can be that you already have the business code for your backend API, and then all you need is some help with load balancing or certificate handling.

Possibly set up a VPN to set your data apart from regular internet traffic.

You want to maintain control of your source code.

You might also want to also own your communication infrastructure, your mailserver, or a full-blown messaging system.

course, if you need help with the backend implementation, we can help with that, that's what we do.

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