Do not reinvent the wheel

Experimental Jet Set, Serverful and No Star

Some valued marketer's advice is:

"Do not try to reinvent the wheel, to put your word out, just go for Wordpress."

This is why I decided to implement an headless CMS, built on top of a custom persistence layer, so that I could just CURL my posts straight to the site.

Of course, you cannot just open a Rest interface to the entire world without a decent mTLS validation built on top of a private CA, possibly tunneling the backend over a dedicated VPN.

Also, you have to think ahead, and when you'll have published a few millions of blog posts (possibly stuff like: "seen this cat, been there, ate this, tried that...") you don't want to get stuck with a database that is a single point of failure.

You want a distributed database system that scales horizontally as data increases.

I didn't reinvent any wheel, I just reused a load balancer, a development kit and a spare unix account.

Keywords: [ vpn ] [ backend ]